Sodeno's Quality Brand

Sodeno's Quality Brand

Sodeno's Quality Brand is our promise to you that the product you are receiving is a quality item!

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Learn Pizza's Untold Secrets for Technique - Taste - Texture

If you are looking for the best Authentic Italian Pizza Recipe - look no further.

This small 71 page cookbook is PACKED with information you need to know!


Stainless Steel Multi-function Food Scale

This is a SOLID well designed Stainless Steel, Multi-function, compact, accurate, food scale that looks great in any kitchen or office!


14" Pizza Aluminum Screen

Get MORE for LESS! Consistent results every time! Will NOT requires lifetime maintenance. Will NOT break if dropped. Will SIGNIFICANTLY reduce long cooking times. Require LESS gas, charcoal, wood, or electricity because of the reduced baking process.



Pizza FIE Apron

Reinforce the message in your kitchen that "Family is Everything" with this Pizza FIE apron.


The Story of The Flour King

This is the story of The Flour King and His Pizza Nobles. To help promote Family is Everything we created this fun story for parents to share with their kids. When you spend some quality time with your children and read them the story about the recipe characters, you will build lasting and fun memories. There is one character per recipe ingredient to help children remember the ingredients.


Video Training - Udemy - Master Class

Visualize our book and watch me perform all the steps for you on video in my Udemy Master Class!


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all over the world!

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